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The Manifesting Goal Digger Digital Planner

The Manifesting Goal Digger Digital Planner

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  • 6-Month Undated Planner
  • Digital download for your favorite devices
  • includes core collection digital stickers

This is a digital download.

Introducing The Manifesting Goal Digger Planner, a 6-Month, stylish, and practical companion designed to help you achieve your goals and maximize your productivity – all with a magical lens and approach, of course! 

Planner Features


At the core of this planner is its flexible undated format, allowing you to start at any time without wasting a single page. Whether you begin in January or mid-year, you can seamlessly jump into your goal-setting journey without feeling restricted by predefined dates. It's a planner that adapts to your schedule and empowers you to take charge of your daily life.

Goal-Setting & Manifestation

Our planner offers exclusive 6-month goal-setting exercises. These exercises prompt you to dive deep and examine your long-term visions, set specific targets, and develop actionable plans to get there. 

Monthly Goals

With dedicated monthly goal-setting pages, you can take things a step further, break your goals into manageable tasks, and track your progress. Whether you're aiming for personal growth, career milestones, or wellness achievements, these monthly sections provide the structure you need to turn manifestations into reality.

Daily Planning

The daily planning pages are the heart of this goal planner, providing ample space to outline your daily time blocks, priorities, and intentions. Track your water intake or movement for the day, and make time for daily reflections, too!

Digital download

Take this digital planner with you as you're on the go! Download it on your device. We recommend using an app like GoodNotes.

Digital Stickers

This download comes with a digital version of our core collection sticker pack. Use our digital stickers to customize your planner and make it your own!

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