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The Manifesting Goal Digger Planner

The Manifesting Goal Digger Planner

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  • 6-Month Undated Planner
  • Delicate Gold Foiled Stamp Linen Fabric Hardcover
  • 7” X 9.5” Sizing and easily fits in your bag

Introducing The Manifesting Goal Digger Planner, a 6-Month, stylish, and practical companion designed to help you achieve your goals and maximize your productivity – all with a magical lens and approach, of course! With its delicate pastel-colored linen hardcover and robust planning pages, this planner is the perfect tool to keep you organized and motivated throughout the year!

Comes with a copy of our Core Collection Sticker Sheet and our Everyday Sticker Sheet.


Planner Features


At the core of this planner is its flexible undated format, allowing you to start at any time without wasting a single page. Whether you begin in January or mid-year, you can seamlessly jump into your goal-setting journey without feeling restricted by predefined dates. It's a planner that adapts to your schedule and empowers you to take charge of your daily life.

Goal-Setting & Manifestation

Our planner offers exclusive 6-month goal-setting exercises. These exercises prompt you to dive deep and examine your long-term visions, set specific targets, and develop actionable plans to get there. 

Monthly Goals

With dedicated monthly goal-setting pages, you can take things a step further, break your goals into manageable tasks, and track your progress. Whether you're aiming for personal growth, career milestones, or wellness achievements, these monthly sections provide the structure you need to turn manifestations into reality.

Daily Planning

The daily planning pages are the heart of this goal planner, providing ample space to outline your daily time blocks, priorities, and intentions. Track your water intake or movement for the day, and make time for daily reflections, too!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
It’s not your ordinary planner!

The Manifest Daily planner is an absolute game-changer! Not just your ordinary planner, it's a tool designed to elevate every aspect of your life. With its comprehensive 6-month planning section categorized for clarity, monthly mood boards for creative expression, and brain dumps for unfiltered ideas, it sparks inspiration like no other. Its weekly and daily planning features allow you to track habits, pinpoint priorities, and seize each day with intentionality. But what truly sets it apart is its therapeutic essence, offering abundant prompts for self-reflection and growth. Highly recommended for anyone seeking to manifest their dreams into reality!


This is exactly what I needed to organize my days,weeks,months, set goals, stay on track… everything!!
A couple of weeks ago I was writing out these same things myself in a notebook and thought I need a better system! Then I remembered you talking about your planner on your podcast! I went to your website and realized it was exactly what I needed!!
Thank you so much for creating this! It’s way more useful than the standard planner!!

Emily Bleeker
The structure I’ve been looking for!

This planner has it all - I am loving the structure and I genuinely look forward to writing in it each day. It is such high quality, provides the perfect amount of space to record responses to prompts/write reflections, and it’s really helped keep my thinking/dedication to my goals on track. So happy I got my hands on one of these!!

Tiffani Sawyer
Love this planner

The planner is beautiful, sturdy, and big enough to write in, yet small enough to fit in my bag. The best part is that you can start dates whenever you’re ready. I also love to support black creators and I can’t wait to order more!

You deserve to commit to yourself + your life!!

Where do I begin with this planner!? As someone who spends literally hundreds of dollars on trying to find the right planner/journal every year, I’m so grateful Dheandra created a new go-to that has literally everything you need in one. Starting with the physical— it has a gorgeous cover that makes you want to dive in, beautiful color palette to keep you interested + having fun with your goals, + high quality pages to ensure it will last while you’re manifesting your best life on the go (or are a messy gal like me lol). Now to the most important part— the amazing, invaluable content Dheandra has created from your basic planner needs (calendars, timeblocking, etc.) to keep you organized literally down to the hour, extra goodies (like habit trackers, gratitude lists, etc.) to ensure you’re not just productive but your mindset is in check, + goal settling templates/journal prompts that will have you inspired like no other!!